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June 26-July 02, 2023

Explorer Of Water (Knight Of Cups)
Through the month of June we were witnessing & reaping, cleasing & releasing, giving & receiving... and now we can experience a deep set stirring of peace within!

The peace you feel when out in nature, during deep meditation, at the end of a yoga session, watching a loved one peacefully sleep, petting your fur-friend lying next to you... 

When we go through times of tranformation & evolution - change - we arrive on the otheside, sometimes after full on grieving that shift, stronger, more able, self-assurd, self-reliant, capable, and at peace.

This peace within draws people & allies to you that sense your steadfastness, your balance, the keen way you do things now, the way you hold yourself, and interact with the world around you - they know you are ready to step into the New World & Your New Self and they are coming to help you realize those dreams as it's being made manifest right before your eyes! 

Enjoy the show!

Mid-Week ~ 26-29

End-Week ~ 29-02
Reflective Truth

26 -🌓 First Quarter Moon -June Holiday: CAN
29 -Hari Raya Haji: AUS -Eid al-Adha
01 -Canada Day: CAN -Memorial Day: CAN


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