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May 22-28, 2023

Wheel Of Fortune

WOW! This month is already bringing through monumentous aspects we must acknowledge on our journey of stepping into the New World & Self, and The Wheel is here to validate what has been occurring with each step!

Good Luck and Good Karma once you choose the NEW!

As you move closer and closer to this transformation and evolution you will, at times, clearly see a turning point - a point in which you can continue to do things as you have done, or you will step fully into your destiny even though it is laced with the unknown and change is inevitable around every corner.

Be bold, Be brave, and lean into your true self, your New Self! 

Mid-Week ~ 22-25
Higher Education

End-Wek ~ 25-28

-Victoria Day: CAN 
-National Patriots' Day: CAN 
-Shavuot Begins at Sundown
-🌓 First Quarter Moon 


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