Tarot Cards:
The Green Witch Tarot
by: Ann Moura
artwork by: Kiri Ostergaard Leonard

Oracle Cards:
The Wisdom Of Avalon
by: Colette Baron-Reid

May 16-22, 2022
Three Of Athames (Swords)
New ventures require taking a leap of faith! And it isn't always easy.
This year you've been able to meet challenges head-on so you are in a much better place to forge ahead!
Rely on your Higher Self, your Soul Self, and your Spirit Team to guide you safely as you transition to your next level - a Higher Vibrational State of BE-ing.
Remember you have all the tools you need - you can do it - You've Got This ✨

Mid-Week ~ 16-19
The Baard

End-Week ~ 19-22
The Swan

16 - National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day
     - National Sea Monkey Day
     - National Piercing Day
     - National Barbeque Day
     - National Biographer's Day
     - National Love a Tree Day
     - International Day of Living Together in Peace Day
     - International Day of Light
     - 🌖 Waning Moon
17 - National Pack Rat Day
     - World Telecommunication & Information Society Day
18 - National No Dirty Dishes Day
     - National Visit Your Relatives Day
     - National Juice Slush Day
     - Emergency Medical Services for Children Day
     - International Museum Day
     - Buddha Day
19 - National Caesar Day
     - Lag BaOmer
20 - National Rescue Dag Day
     - National Endangered Species Day
     - National Pizza Party Day
     - National Streaming Day
     - National Pick Strawberries Day
     - International Red Sneakers Day
     - World Metrology Day
     - World Bee Day
     - ♊ Sun Enters Gemini
21 - National Armed Forces Day
     - National American Red Cross Founders Day
     - National Memo Day
     - National Learn to Swim Day
     - National Waitstaff Day
     - International Tea Day
     - World Day for Cultural Diversity Day
22 - National Buy a Musical Instrument Day
     - National Maritime Day
     - National Solitaire Day
     - International Being You Day
     - World Goth Day
     - 🌗 Last Quarter Moon


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