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January 23-29, 2023

Eight Of Swords

You may be feeling a bit trapped or powerless at times this week due to circumstances you are involved in - or feel you are in. 

Be aware that though it may feel like this is set in stone there is always wiggle room and changes can bring freedom once again! 

Take a look at where and when you started to feel locked in or restricted and see if there is another way to do what you are trying to accomplish and do that. 

If there isn’t, and you must move forward trudging through the mud & muck like we have to at times, know that you are not alone even though you may feel like it - ask for help! At least there is always the space for that.

Mid-Week ~ 23-26

End-Week ~ 26-29

28 -🌓 First Quarter Moon


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🎶 Envato, Kevin MacLeod, iMovie Royalty Free Audio/Visuals, & Wondershare Filmora Royalty Free Audio/Visuals
Tarot Cards: The Traditional Manga 
by: Lo Scarabeo
artwork by: Shou Zueting & Riccardo Minetti
Oracle Cards: Wisdom of Avalon 
by: Colette Baron-Reid

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