The Spring Equinox & Ostara 🐰🌷

Working with the magical energies of Spring we are able to find a balance within our own being 🐰

Darkness turns to light, and fresh starts can be seen all around - here's how 🌷

3 Key Take A Ways

1. Whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere you'll be experiencing the same balance between dark and light. In the North you'll begin to see more light. While in the South the darkness will expand. But right on the Equinox, both are balanced between light and dark. Take this time to find that same balance within yourself by feeling your male & female, your light and dark, or your yin & yang energies more balanced through visualization 🐰

2. Spring is considered a time to begin sowing the seeds that will produce a bountiful crop in the Fall. Use this time to either actively sow some seeds of your own whether that be physical seeds that will produce crops or flowers later on. Or it can be a new idea, new beginning, or the re-birth of an old or stagnate idea 🌷

3. Spend some time in nature! Go out and experience the joys of the outdoors. it is truly a magical time of year when the light is literally beckoning us outside! The light allows us to spend more time exploring our environments and witnessing the miracle of re-birth. Sprouts begin to poke their heads out of the frozen earth. It is amazing what we can glean from observing nature in all its glory! Think of ways you can allow that re-birth in your own life during this season of light 🌱

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