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Making Time For Self-Care ⏰

Updated: May 11, 2018

Let's be honest... we can make tons of excuses why we can't find time to do something, especially if it's our own Self-Care. So let's vow to MAKE time and schedule that treat, now... even if it's only 5 seconds!

3 Key Takeaways

1. 5 Seconds

What can you do in 5 seconds that will lift your spirits? Lots of things, here are some! A hug can melt tensions right away and are quick as a wink. Try using Essential Oils when you are meditating and keep a small amount of the same scent with you during the day grab that, close your eyes, and take a whiff, you will be transported into the space of when you are meditating due to the sense of smell being closely linked to our memory of emotions 👃

2. 5 Minutes

If you have 5 minutes that can seem like a lifetime and can act as a lifeline in certain circumstances! When you are stressed this can be time you cherish and look forward to each day. Try repeating mantras, affirmations, or going over a poem or song lyrics for a full 5 minutes and see how your blood pressure lows significantly afterwards. To amp up the vibration rising activity hold onto a Crystal, Rock or Gem and/or use Essential Oils these can help you ground and replace those unsavory feelings with peace, light, and love 💚

3. "I Am" Statements

This is an easy one that you can do anytime... and can change your life for the better! As Dr. Wayne Dyer so eloquently wrote about often was the power of the statement, "I Am". When we get stressed or in a rut we may say negative statements of "I Am", such as "I am not well", "I am unlovable", "I am dumb", etc. The empowerment of having a positive Mindset can begin as easily as changing the last words after, I Am. Begin to repeat affirmative statements of I Am and you will not only raise your vibration, but you will change your Mindset to the positive as well!

"I Am Light" 🌟 "I Am Love" 💖 "I Am Whole" ⭕ "I Am Well" 💚

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