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Blasphemy - Is It a Sin To Talk With Angels

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Tracy Una Wagner – ‘Una’ is pronounced ‘YOO-na or YOU-na ’ 




Phone #:

+1 (360) 303-8503 


Website:  or


Social Media Sites: 

Twitter: @2nspire4gr8ness 






 Tracy Una Wagner is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild and has been a contributing author in three collaborative books. “365 Days of Angel Prayers”, an Amazon #1 Best Seller. “365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul”, an Amazon #1 International Best Seller. And the upcoming, “365 Inspirational Animal Messages”.

 She has been a Metaphysician her whole life and continues to learn and share the wisdom of working with the Transpersonal Realm. 

 Tracy can be found creating magic around her home in the mystical Pacific Northwest nestled amongst the trees! She loves spending time with Michael, her very patient & understanding husband, furry family members – both inside & out, and when she’s lucky her two grown sons. 

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Three Interesting or Fun Facts: 

  1. Homeschooled our boys till they went to college at 16 

  2. I have several tattoos and enjoy learning the stories behind others artwork as well… let's face it, if you put your art on your body instead of your walls, there's probably an epic tale behind it! 

  3. The first part of my career life was spent behind a chair - I was a cosmetologist – even owning and operating several businesses including a Salon and Day Spa. So, I was a beautician & then a magician. 

  4. ... ok, ok... it's too much fun... how about one more 😉... At 17 I was in a major car accident which led to a Near Death Experience which I am still learning lessons from to this day! 






  1. Do I have Angels With Me? How Many? 

  2. Who Is My Guardian Angel

  3. Do Bad People Have Angels? (Did Hitler Have A Guardian Angel?) 

  4. How Can I Hear and Communicate With My Angels? 

  5. Can I Send Angels To Help Someone? 

  6. Do Angels, Really, Have Wings & Halos? 

  7. Are Fairies Angels? 

  8. Is It Blasphemous To Talk With Angels? 

  9. Why Am I Not Receiving The Blessings I Asked My Angels For? 

  10.  I Pray, Meditate, and Light Candles… Why Can’t I Hear My Angels? 

  11.  Are Earth Angels a Real Thing? 


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