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An Academy specifically for those that have a service-based heart


A community where no matter what modality, or modalities, you work in you are welcomed and supported by like-minded kindred spirits


Space is held here for you to gain knowledge - advance your skills - share your experiences and more while interacting, communicating, and collaborating with other transformation advocates like you who are learning in the Academy as well


Begin your Soul-Journey or continue your quest navigating your Soul-Purpose here in a group that honors your time and opens the space for your creativity to flourish


 Welcome Home to Your

LightWorkers and Earth Angels Academy

A Place Where the Space Resonates Love



Would You Like To Call Yourself a:

  • Reiki Master-Trainer

  • Intuitive

  • Psychic

  • Healer

  • Transpersonal Guide

  • Spiritual Trainer/Life Coach

  • Mystical Shaman

  • Metaphysical Guide/Trainer

  • Angel Messages Guide/Trainer

Wonderful! Then This Is Where You'll Learn These Skills, Receive Certifications, and Add More Tools to Your Spiritual Toolkit!

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