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During these challenging times, it's comforting to know that you can call on your Angels and Spirit Team to help, guard, and guide you  😇

My gift to you, Dear One, are some tools and techniques that you can use to feel that connection right now 👼

And my hope is that while each of us is going through this changing, evolving, and transformative time that you and yours stay safe and stay well.

Know that at the end of this experience we will welcome a new earth where we have come together as one! And your new BE-ing will shine forth brighter than any sun 


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✨ Intro for Guided Meditations

✨Accessing the Angelic Realm for Comfort, Love, and Protection

✨ Earth Angel Biz-Preneur Meditation

✨ Heart-Centered Biz Meditation

✨ 4 Coloring Meditation Pages

✨ 1 Journal Page

✨ 1 Doodle Page



😇 Meet Your Personal Angel in the Spirit Garden

😇 Soul-Self Re-Connection Meditation

😇 LightWorkers and Earth Angels

Study Hall Facebook Group Invitation

😇 Versatile Inspirations with Tracy Una Wagner Newsletter 


Angels for Comfort Love Protection - CD
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