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Hi, I'm Tracy!

Intuitive Transpersonal Guide

Ancient Mystical Civilizations Theorist

Angel Therapy Practitioner®

Energy Alchemist


While on a personal quest to find my Unique Soul-Journey for this Lifetime, I kept running into block after block! I knew there was a reason I was being drawn into Multi-Modality Courses, Workshops, Classes, Books, etc…


I needed to learn – maybe you’ve been here as well!


Just when I thought, *BAM*, this is what I am supposed to be doing in my life, *WHAM* that's not it!


But The Universe has a way of preparing you for accepting your unique role in the world! For me,  I had to learn lessons and be opened up, gently peeling away at the human layers of blocks I'd gathered along life's journey. I needed to go through certain experiences before I was able to see the light through the darkness.


During my Soul-filled awakening, I came across this one word, ' Transpersonal'. It was like a dam was released and a flood of information from times past began to weave and flow together back into what termed itself as the Transpersonal Energy System™ came, again, into BE-ing.


This is my accumulation of over 40 years of Life in Metaphysics – it all comes together with Your Transpersonal Awakening!

5 Fun Facts

1. We homeschooled our boys till they were 16 and went to college

2. I have several tattoos and love looking at others' artwork, as well as hear the stories behind them - there is always a story when someone sports art on their bodies instead of their walls

3. The first part of my working life was dedicated to the Beauty Industry! I still carry my Cosmetologists License! During that time, I owned several businesses including a Salon & Day Spa. Being a beautician was a lot like being a metaphysician... alchemy, magic, and a bit of pixie dust

4. I had a Near Death Experience after a terrible car accident when I was 17 years old. It wasn't exactly like most peoples, but it was profound and I still learn things about it as time goes on. It may have taken longer for me to remember had it not been for my 'uncle', who had an NDE himself, and knew, just by looking at me while I was in the hospital, that I had one, too!

5. It's hard to get me to sit through... anything really!! If I do, you can bet it is for something that makes me laugh, think, or learn from. Comedies, history, and pretty much anything on

...ok, ok, one more... I L-O-V-E emojis & bitmojis 😍 can you tell? 😁

and a bit more about me...


 I am a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild and have been a contributing author in three collaborative books. “365 Days of Angel Prayers”, an Amazon #1 Best Seller. “365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul”, an Amazon #1 International Best Seller. And the upcoming, “365 Inspirational Animal Messages”. I have been a Metaphysician my whole life and continue to learn and share the wisdom of working with the Transpersonal Realm.


Most days, I can be found creating magic around my home in the mystical Pacific Northwest nestled amongst the trees! I love spending time with Michael, my very patient & understanding husband, furry family members – both inside & out, and when I'm lucky, my two grown sons.

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